Daily roundup – April 24

Today on BaddiesBoogie I began the day by yet again considering the religious extremism that motivated the two Boston bombers to act, this time regarding the important question of the distinction between Islam as a belief and our linkage of Islam and dark-skinned people. Afterwards, I continued my lambasting at the neocon/GOP camp and their decent into revisionist George W Bush history.

Elsewhere Mneysmone offered some thoughts regarding Burma and the efficacy of sanctions, and I followed with a story regarding the estimated $2 trillion shadow economy, pervasive as ever in the United States.

Finally, your Photo of the Day featured yet again astrophotographer Mike Salway with some really amazing shots of the Milky Way Galaxy, and Cato finished us off with a short letter of thanks to Cord Jefferson, over at Gawker, for laying into the horrendous design of the new $100 dollar bill.

No Laugh Break! today, blame it on the Chemistry exam I have in an hour. Time to study. I know what you’re thinking: role model.


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