Obama Administration Withdraws From Plan B Fight

It's Official!

The Obama Administration decided that it will comply with a court order to allow Plan B emergency contraceptives to be sold over-the-counter to girls of all ages:

The Obama administration on Monday abandoned its fight to keep age restrictions on sales of a widely used morning-after contraceptive pill, a stark legal reversal that ended years of court battles but did little to extinguish political passions on both sides of the issue.

In a letter Monday to U.S. District Judge Edward R. Korman in New York, who has called the age restrictions “politically motivated” and “scientifically unjustified,” the administration said it would drop its appeal in the case and abide by Korman’s order to make Plan B One-Step contraceptive pills available to women and girls of any age without a prescription.

Important note here: Obama is still totally against allowing girls of 12 to buy the contraceptive without a prescription. The Administration didn’t withdraw from the fight because it agreed with the court ruling – rather, the legal eagles of Justice weighed the government’s case and concluded that it was unlikely the Feds would be able to stop the accessibility of the drug.

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