Deaf Three Year Old Hears His Father’s Voice For The First Time

Thank you science, this is awesome:

Three year old Grayson Clamp, born deaf, was able to hear his father say “Daddy loves you”, thanks to a microchip implanted inside the child’s brain by University of North Carolina doctors. He becomes the first child in the U.S. to receive the microchip, previously approved only for adults.

Over time doctors say the device he wears to interact with a microchip placed on his brain will be fine-tuned and improved. The boy will also undergo several years of speech and hearing therapy at UNC.

And his adoptive parents are pretty awesome too:

The Clamps who adopted him while already knowing his condition say they’ll be there every step of the way.

“We got Grayson, took him home from the hospital and he belonged,” Len Clamp told WBTV of those first moments of his adoption while still glowing this week from his son’s healthy progress. “He was ours from I think day one.”

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