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There’s no problem whatsoever with the U.K.’s Guardian reporting the leaked Verizon court order, engaging with Mr. Snowden, and publishing the known details about that NSA program, as well as PRISM. It is not in committing an act of premeditated journalism that such an august publication entered the realm of self-aggrandizing hyperbole. The journalism is the job. It was in the additional editorializing of the lead reporter [Glenn Greenwald] in telling us exactly how “indiscriminate” the NSA program was. Such characterization jumps past the known into the argumentative, and actually undercuts the fundamental journalism. The NSA program involves a great amount of phone data, but it has by no means been proven indiscriminate.

David Simon, The Guardian: I Am Straw Man, Reborn

(Photo by flickr user Frederic.jacobs)

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