Pedophile Priest Claims The Vatican Has A “Rent Boy” Ring

Divine Light...

Once a parish priest in Rome and still only one of the few to actually be convicted of child rape (serving five years in jail), Don Partizio Poggi filed a complaint with Italian police claiming that a former officer of the Carabinieri — the Italian military police — served as the pimp facilitator for a Vatican “rent boy” ring.

According to The Times of London:

The former Carabinieri police officer pulled up outside a bar known as Twink — slang for a gay youth — next to Rome’s central station. He was driving a Fiat Panda marked “Emergency Blood” so he could easily park.There, he picked up Romanian immigrant “rent-boys”, some underage, for gay encounters with Catholic priests around Rome.

Obviously, there’s an issue regarding Poggi’s credibility here. He did time for raping young boys while many others who have done the same are residing comfortably within the great halls of the Vatican, so there’s some clear resentment and motive there. The Times, in seeing that there may exist an issue of credibility, noted the following:

“[his allegations] gained some credibility from the fact that he was accompanied by Monsignor Luca Lorusso, an adviser to the Papal Nuncio to Italy, who is himself a confidante of Pope Francis.”

(Photo by flickr user Geert Oyre)

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