Your Moment Of Chutzpah: Pat Robertson Insists He’s Not “Anti-Gay”


Televangelist Pat Robertson insisted during his program, “The 700 Club,” that he’s really not anti-gay, and that homosexuals are just confused straight people who may have either been sexually abused as children, or “maybe got some chromosomal damage” (cause Jesus doesn’t mess with chromosomes).

He went on to laud the fact that his show has a large gay audience:

“I am very pleased that we have many, many, many homosexuals watching this program and many of them are looking for love and acceptance and help and I’m glad to report that we have thousands of these people who are saying, ‘yes we want to follow Jesus, we’re not happy with the lifestyle we’re in and we want to have a better way,’ I think it’s wonderful that that’s happening,”

The friendly Southern Baptist minister took some time this week to suggest that Facebook create a “Vomit” button to be used when people post pictures of same-sex couples.

Here’s the video:

And this collection of ridiculously offensive and stupid quotes from Robertson will let you know who you’re dealing with.

(photo by flickr user Daniel Oines)

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